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Got Revisionb1361956547569b650063d5155ef957c8d1c3660


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  1. ( 186 ms ) setup_build
    running recipe: "goma_client"
  2. ( 1 mins 2 secs ) bot_update
    [19GB/299GB used (6%)]
  3. ( 1 mins 17 secs ) gclient runhooks
  4. ( 1 secs ) gn
  5. ( 8 mins 54 secs ) build
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  8. ( 6 secs ) build windows-amd64

Build Properties:

$recipe_engine/path {"cache_dir": "C:\\b\\s\\w\\ir\\cache", "temp_dir": "C:\\b\\s\\w\\ir\\tmp\\rt"} setup_build
$recipe_engine/runtime {"is_experimental": false, "is_luci": true} setup_build
bot_id "win10-727f49a0-us-west1-b-9xx2" setup_build
branch "refs/heads/master" setup_build
buildbucket {"build": {"bucket": "luci.goma-client.ci", "created_by": "user:luci-scheduler@appspot.gserviceaccount.com", "created_ts": 1543910691498793, "id": "8928086018709924928", "project": "goma-client", "tags": ["builder:win_rel", "buildset:commit/git/b1361956547569b650063d5155ef957c8d1c3660", "buildset:commit/gitiles/chromium.googlesource.com/infra/goma/client/+/b1361956547569b650063d5155ef957c8d1c3660", "gitiles_ref:refs/heads/master", "scheduler_invocation_id:9093516080712598144", "scheduler_job_id:goma-client/continuous-win", "user_agent:luci-scheduler"]}, "hostname": "cr-buildbucket.appspot.com"} setup_build
buildername "win_rel" setup_build
path_config "generic" setup_build
recipe "goma_client" setup_build
repository "https://chromium.googlesource.com/infra/goma/client" setup_build
revision "b1361956547569b650063d5155ef957c8d1c3660" setup_build
got_revision "b1361956547569b650063d5155ef957c8d1c3660" bot_update


  1. Raphael Kubo da Costa (raphael.kubo.da.costaohnoyoudont@intel.com)


Create Tuesday, 04-Dec-18 08:04:51 UTC
Start Tuesday, 04-Dec-18 08:04:53 UTC
End Tuesday, 04-Dec-18 08:19:25 UTC
Pending 1 secs
Execution 14 mins 32 secs

All Changes:

  1. http: Also pass the destination host in the Host field for proxied HTTP connections

    Changed by Raphael Kubo da Costa - raphael.kubo.da.costaohnoyoudont@intel.com
    Changed at Tuesday, 04-Dec-18 07:39:23 UTC
    Repository https://chromium.googlesource.com/infra/goma/client
    Revision b1361956547569b650063d5155ef957c8d1c3660


    http: Also pass the destination host in the Host field for proxied HTTP connections
    This was previously being done only for HTTPS connections, and the public
    commit history is not clear on why.
    The previous behavior was to pass the proxy host's value in this situation,
    which resulted in an HTTP connection to the proxy host that looked like
        GET http://crl.pki.goog:80/GTSGIA3.crl HTTP/1.1
        Host: my-proxy.com
    rather than
        GET http://crl.pki.goog:80/GTSGIA3.crl HTTP/1.1
        Host: crl.pki.goog
    which, depending on the location we are connecting to, results in an error
    response (crl.pki.goog returns 404 for that certificate revocation list
    file, for example).
    Bug: chromium:908046
    Change-Id: I484f32200b15402dbccd54ad127946ab03f52fc3

    Changed files

    • client/http.cc
    • client/http_unittest.cc