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Builder go-x64-linux Build 8927864155631996816



Trigger Info:

Got Revision550b8ac3263a232e48affe7d282fd2fd4f7bce29


Steps and Logfiles:

  1. ( 63 ms ) setup_build
    running recipe: "go_toolchain"
  2. ( 448 ms ) makedirs
  3. ( 64 ms ) git init
  4. ( 11 ms ) git remote
  5. ( 29 secs ) git fetch
  6. ( 1 secs ) git checkout
  7. ( 29 ms ) git rev-parse
  8. ( 33 ms ) git clean
  9. ( 36 ms ) submodule sync
  10. ( 36 ms ) submodule update
  11. ( 43 secs ) build
  12. ( 427 ms ) read go version
  13. ( 9 secs ) gsutil cp

Build Properties:

$recipe_engine/path {"cache_dir": "/b/s/w/ir/cache", "temp_dir": "/b/s/w/ir/tmp/rt"} setup_build
$recipe_engine/runtime {"is_experimental": false, "is_luci": true} setup_build
bot_id "fuchsia-debian-32-c272138d-us-central1-b-0v1s" setup_build
branch "refs/heads/master" setup_build
buildbucket {"build": {"bucket": "luci.fuchsia.ci", "created_by": "user:luci-scheduler@appspot.gserviceaccount.com", "created_ts": 1544122276617951, "id": "8927864155631996816", "project": "fuchsia", "tags": ["builder:go-x64-linux", "buildset:commit/git/550b8ac3263a232e48affe7d282fd2fd4f7bce29", "buildset:commit/gitiles/fuchsia.googlesource.com/third_party/go/+/550b8ac3263a232e48affe7d282fd2fd4f7bce29", "gitiles_ref:refs/heads/master", "scheduler_invocation_id:9093294217781864208", "scheduler_job_id:fuchsia/go-x64-linux", "user_agent:luci-scheduler"]}, "hostname": "cr-buildbucket.appspot.com"} setup_build
buildername "go-x64-linux" setup_build
gcs_bucket "fuchsia-build" setup_build
packages ["topaz/packages/buildbot"] setup_build
path_config "generic" setup_build
platform "linux-amd64" setup_build
project "integration" setup_build
recipe "go_toolchain" setup_build
remote "https://fuchsia.googlesource.com/integration" setup_build
repository "https://fuchsia.googlesource.com/third_party/go" setup_build
revision "550b8ac3263a232e48affe7d282fd2fd4f7bce29" setup_build
got_revision "550b8ac3263a232e48affe7d282fd2fd4f7bce29" git rev-parse


  1. Marco Vanotti (mvanottiohnoyoudont@google.com)


Create Thursday, 06-Dec-18 18:51:16 UTC
Start Thursday, 06-Dec-18 19:10:56 UTC
End Thursday, 06-Dec-18 19:13:48 UTC
Pending 19 mins 40 secs
Execution 2 mins 52 secs

All Changes:

  1. [fidl][go] don't panic on unmarshalInline.

    Changed by Marco Vanotti - mvanottiohnoyoudont@google.com
    Changed at Thursday, 06-Dec-18 05:19:25 UTC
    Repository https://fuchsia.googlesource.com/third_party/go
    Revision 550b8ac3263a232e48affe7d282fd2fd4f7bce29


    [fidl][go] don't panic on unmarshalInline.
    This CL changes the way unmarshalInline behaves by making it
    `safeReadUint` instead of `readInt`.
    The issue with `readInt` is that it will panic if there's not enough
    data in the decoder buffer to read. So if you try to Unmarshall a
    message and provide a buffer that is not big enough, the service will
    just crash because of the panic.
    The CL refactors the logic so that instead of reading a hardcoded amount
    of data from the buffer, it will try to read the real size that the type
    has (given that these are basic data types, it should be OK and should
    match the real amount of bytes the underlying struct field occupies). If
    that read fails, it would just return an error.
    I have added some tests under fidl_test to make sure that the
    `Unmarshal` function doesn't panic if the payload is too small, and that
    the error returned is `ErrPayloadTooSmall`. These tests also test
    TEST=`fx run-test go_fidl_test`
    NET-2031 #Done
    Change-Id: Ie05af389ed39149d3f3178862b9ef26e6c459b27

    Changed files

    • src/syscall/zx/fidl/encoding.go
    • src/syscall/zx/fidl/fidl_test/encoding_new_test.go
    • src/syscall/zx/fidl/fidl_test/encoding_test.go