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Builder vm-kernel-win-product-x64-stable

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23 bots
NameStatusLast Seen
luci-dart-try-win10-0-lic7 Idle Monday, 17-Jun-19 08:50:09 UTC
luci-dart-try-win10-1-mi55 Idle Monday, 17-Jun-19 08:50:15 UTC
luci-dart-try-win10-10-zj91 Idle Monday, 17-Jun-19 08:49:37 UTC
luci-dart-try-win10-11-byub Idle Monday, 17-Jun-19 08:50:26 UTC
luci-dart-try-win10-12-h7c7 Idle Monday, 17-Jun-19 08:50:08 UTC
luci-dart-try-win10-13-6n1u Idle Monday, 17-Jun-19 08:50:12 UTC
luci-dart-try-win10-14-y7w9 Idle Monday, 17-Jun-19 08:50:21 UTC
luci-dart-try-win10-15-nofc Idle Monday, 17-Jun-19 08:49:31 UTC
luci-dart-try-win10-16-yett Idle Monday, 17-Jun-19 08:50:01 UTC
luci-dart-try-win10-17-wspj Idle Monday, 17-Jun-19 08:50:32 UTC
luci-dart-try-win10-18-kexk Idle Monday, 17-Jun-19 08:49:58 UTC
luci-dart-try-win10-19-7ven Idle Monday, 17-Jun-19 08:49:57 UTC
luci-dart-try-win10-2-y5vo Idle Monday, 17-Jun-19 08:49:50 UTC
luci-dart-try-win10-20-77fl Idle Monday, 17-Jun-19 08:50:25 UTC
luci-dart-try-win10-21-0n8j Idle Monday, 17-Jun-19 08:50:22 UTC
luci-dart-try-win10-22-owqn Idle Monday, 17-Jun-19 08:50:01 UTC
luci-dart-try-win10-3-q611 Idle Monday, 17-Jun-19 08:50:12 UTC
luci-dart-try-win10-4-8xhk Idle Monday, 17-Jun-19 08:50:33 UTC
luci-dart-try-win10-5-pi5y Idle Monday, 17-Jun-19 08:49:50 UTC
luci-dart-try-win10-6-vym5 Idle Monday, 17-Jun-19 08:50:29 UTC
luci-dart-try-win10-7-alnb Idle Monday, 17-Jun-19 08:49:54 UTC
luci-dart-try-win10-8-6a3i Idle Monday, 17-Jun-19 08:49:41 UTC
luci-dart-try-win10-9-p7ut Idle Monday, 17-Jun-19 08:49:52 UTC

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Finished Time Run Duration Revision Result Build #Info
Thursday, 13-Jun-19 21:21:27 UTC 22 mins 16 secs 1d8b81283c1dee38f1dd87b71b16aa1648b01155 Failed 7 1 out of 3 aggregated steps failed: 1 out of 1 aggregated steps failed: Step('test results') (retcode: 1)
Tuesday, 11-Jun-19 14:09:32 UTC 20 mins 59 secs 7a9c3ef5920c76e7a230e66695a089bfb678beb2 Success 6
Tuesday, 21-May-19 18:20:30 UTC 21 mins 19 secs 3f2d646132b55b152cff4ba7090cbeebdd48d477 Success 5
Friday, 03-May-19 09:47:35 UTC 37 mins 40 secs 29c7116a233c524290575154c73a114dce872666 Failed 4 1 out of 3 aggregated steps failed: 1 out of 1 aggregated steps failed: Step('test results') failed with return_code 1
Tuesday, 26-Feb-19 15:47:04 UTC 52 mins 3 secs e51bdfb6f69240996030f476aa9ba7f6efdae549 Failed 3 Failure test results
Thursday, 14-Feb-19 12:09:39 UTC 55 mins 30 secs 265af028865e136a75eba0fc33fdfeff0df3ef94 Failed 2 Failure approve unapproved successes
Tuesday, 13-Nov-18 18:40:44 UTC 35 mins 16 secs e1e89a628f0873da90447580e0ac75e04144ee2b Failed 1 Failure vm tests_shard_10
Failure vm tests_shard_1 on Windows
Failure vm tests_shard_2 on Windows
Failure vm tests_shard_3 on Windows
Failure vm tests_shard_4 on Windows
Failure vm tests_shard_5 on Windows
Failure vm tests_shard_6 on Windows
Failure vm tests_shard_7 on Windows
Failure vm tests_shard_8 on Windows
Failure vm tests_shard_9 on Windows
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