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Builder vm-kernel-precomp-win-release-x64-stable

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23 bots
NameStatusLast Seen
luci-dart-try-win10-0-7xfj Idle Sunday, 26-May-19 07:34:28 UTC
luci-dart-try-win10-1-x9u5 Idle Sunday, 26-May-19 07:34:30 UTC
luci-dart-try-win10-10-9tqn Idle Sunday, 26-May-19 07:35:01 UTC
luci-dart-try-win10-11-jww7 Idle Sunday, 26-May-19 07:34:44 UTC
luci-dart-try-win10-12-22uh Idle Sunday, 26-May-19 07:34:23 UTC
luci-dart-try-win10-13-ydz6 Idle Sunday, 26-May-19 07:34:47 UTC
luci-dart-try-win10-14-guu6 Idle Sunday, 26-May-19 07:34:27 UTC
luci-dart-try-win10-15-lbtj Idle Sunday, 26-May-19 07:34:13 UTC
luci-dart-try-win10-16-ztmh Idle Sunday, 26-May-19 07:34:22 UTC
luci-dart-try-win10-17-ikbk Idle Sunday, 26-May-19 07:34:58 UTC
luci-dart-try-win10-18-if64 Idle Sunday, 26-May-19 07:34:48 UTC
luci-dart-try-win10-19-dou1 Idle Sunday, 26-May-19 07:34:10 UTC
luci-dart-try-win10-2-s89z Idle Sunday, 26-May-19 07:34:56 UTC
luci-dart-try-win10-20-lpvg Idle Sunday, 26-May-19 07:34:19 UTC
luci-dart-try-win10-21-yp89 Idle Sunday, 26-May-19 07:34:51 UTC
luci-dart-try-win10-22-3kfk Idle Sunday, 26-May-19 07:34:47 UTC
luci-dart-try-win10-3-rrze Idle Sunday, 26-May-19 07:34:47 UTC
luci-dart-try-win10-4-h6kr Idle Sunday, 26-May-19 07:34:24 UTC
luci-dart-try-win10-5-euxr Idle Sunday, 26-May-19 07:34:52 UTC
luci-dart-try-win10-6-ts1t Idle Sunday, 26-May-19 07:34:36 UTC
luci-dart-try-win10-7-pibc Idle Sunday, 26-May-19 07:34:54 UTC
luci-dart-try-win10-8-fbcp Idle Sunday, 26-May-19 07:34:35 UTC
luci-dart-try-win10-9-fbih Idle Sunday, 26-May-19 07:34:48 UTC

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Finished Time Run Duration Revision Result Build #Info
Tuesday, 21-May-19 18:58:09 UTC 53 mins 24 secs 07320b3100381bb6d645192c77f8a77856625ffd Success 7
Friday, 10-May-19 08:27:02 UTC 34 mins 49 secs 29c7116a233c524290575154c73a114dce872666 Failed 6 1 out of 3 aggregated steps failed: 1 out of 1 aggregated steps failed: Step('test results') failed with return_code 1
Friday, 03-May-19 11:00:55 UTC 1 hrs 43 mins 29c7116a233c524290575154c73a114dce872666 Failed 5 1 out of 3 aggregated steps failed: 1 out of 1 aggregated steps failed: Step('test results') failed with return_code 1
Tuesday, 26-Feb-19 15:51:58 UTC 1 hrs 6 mins e51bdfb6f69240996030f476aa9ba7f6efdae549 Failed 4 Failure test results
Thursday, 14-Feb-19 12:20:10 UTC 1 hrs 5 mins 265af028865e136a75eba0fc33fdfeff0df3ef94 Failed 3 Failure approve unapproved successes
Tuesday, 13-Nov-18 18:57:29 UTC 52 mins 4 secs e1e89a628f0873da90447580e0ac75e04144ee2b Failed 2 Failure vm tests_shard_10
Failure vm tests_shard_1 on Windows
Failure vm tests_shard_2 on Windows
Failure vm tests_shard_3 on Windows
Failure vm tests_shard_4 on Windows
Failure vm tests_shard_5 on Windows
Failure vm tests_shard_6 on Windows
Failure vm tests_shard_7 on Windows
Failure vm tests_shard_8 on Windows
Failure vm tests_shard_9 on Windows
Friday, 03-Aug-18 09:30:27 UTC 33 mins 20 secs 22eb4ef31aa3a317cf624a46ee07f81c751084f8 Success 1
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