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Builder fuchsia-fyi-arm64-rel

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gce-trusty-canary-e973df7c-us-central1-c-37qm Idle Wednesday, 16-Jan-19 13:48:28 UTC
gce-trusty-e833d7b0-us-east1-b-3r28 Idle Wednesday, 16-Jan-19 13:48:35 UTC
gce-trusty-e833d7b0-us-east1-b-7xqx Idle Wednesday, 16-Jan-19 13:49:03 UTC
gce-trusty-e833d7b0-us-east1-b-lvkw Idle Wednesday, 16-Jan-19 13:48:48 UTC
gce-trusty-e833d7b0-us-west1-b-ptdm Idle Wednesday, 16-Jan-19 13:48:50 UTC
gce-trusty-e833d7b0-us-west1-c-fn9s Idle Wednesday, 16-Jan-19 13:49:03 UTC

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Wednesday, 09-Jan-19 01:07:49 UTC 1 hrs 30 mins 0322dd07e0faba527507505eed07782f5e7dd761 Failed 2 Gerrit CL 1395562 (ps#1) by wez@chromium.org Failure webrunner_smoketests (with patch)
Failure webrunner_browsertests (with patch)
Failure base_unittests (with patch)
Failure webrunner_smoketests (retry with patch)
Failure webrunner_browsertests (retry with patch)
Failure webrunner_smoketests (retry with patch summary)
Failure webrunner_browsertests (retry with patch summary)
Friday, 04-Jan-19 04:26:16 UTC 3 hrs Infra Failure 1 Gerrit CL 1395562 (ps#1) by wez@chromium.org
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