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Builder win-rel Build 4272 Microsoft Windows



Trigger Info:

Got Revision1d2509fc2ebc7c9848726c1b208483e1e1efc485


Steps and Logfiles:

  1. ( 558 ms ) setup_build
    running recipe: "chromium"
  2. ( 255 ms ) report builders
    running builder/tester 'win-rel' on master 'chromium'
  3. ( 5 secs ) taskkill
  4. ( 53 secs ) bot_update
    [93GB/299GB used (31%)]
  5. ( 592 ms ) swarming.py --version
  6. ( 23 secs ) clobber
  7. ( 19 secs ) gclient runhooks
  8. ( 215 ms ) read test spec (chromium.json)
    path: C:\b\swarming\w\ir\cache\builder\src\testing\buildbot\chromium.json
  9. ( 440 ms ) lookup GN args
    is_component_build = false
    is_debug = false
    skip_archive_compression = false
    strip_absolute_paths_from_debug_symbols = true
    symbol_level = 1
    use_goma = true
    goma_dir = "C:\\b\\swarming\\w\\ir\\cache\\goma\\client"
  10. ( 25 secs ) generate_build_files
  11. ( 10 mins 43 secs ) compile
  12. ( 12 secs ) compile confirm no-op
  13. ( 35 secs ) archive_build
  14. ( 0 ) test_pre_run
  15. ( 1 secs ) checkbins
  16. ( 467 ms ) process_dumps

Build Properties:

$recipe_engine/path {"cache_dir": "C:\\b\\swarming\\w\\ir\\cache", "temp_dir": "C:\\b\\swarming\\w\\ir\\tmp\\rt"} setup_build
$recipe_engine/runtime {"is_experimental": false, "is_luci": true} setup_build
bot_id "swarm777-c4" setup_build
branch "refs/heads/master" setup_build
buildbucket {"build": {"bucket": "luci.chromium.ci", "created_by": "user:luci-scheduler@appspot.gserviceaccount.com", "created_ts": 1539337788012510, "id": "8932881055555443520", "project": "chromium", "tags": ["builder:win-rel", "buildset:commit/git/1d2509fc2ebc7c9848726c1b208483e1e1efc485", "buildset:commit/gitiles/chromium.googlesource.com/chromium/src/+/1d2509fc2ebc7c9848726c1b208483e1e1efc485", "gitiles_ref:refs/heads/master", "scheduler_invocation_id:9098311117729079744", "scheduler_job_id:chromium/win-rel", "user_agent:luci-scheduler"]}, "hostname": "cr-buildbucket.appspot.com"} setup_build
buildername "win-rel" setup_build
buildnumber 4272 setup_build
mastername "chromium" setup_build
path_config "generic" setup_build
recipe "chromium" setup_build
repository "https://chromium.googlesource.com/chromium/src.git" setup_build
revision "1d2509fc2ebc7c9848726c1b208483e1e1efc485" setup_build
got_angle_revision "671809e62e807eb0f890a5d53eee1f8cb5fb825e" bot_update
got_buildtools_revision "2dff9c9c74e9d732e6fe57c84ef7fd044cc45d96" bot_update
got_nacl_revision "2ebbdab4bfb1ed9dfe52ce756b34829207dbe25f" bot_update
got_revision "1d2509fc2ebc7c9848726c1b208483e1e1efc485" bot_update
got_revision_cp "refs/heads/master@{#599154}" bot_update
got_swarming_client_revision "486c9b53c4d54dd4b95bb6ce0e31160e600dfc11" bot_update
got_v8_revision "f70aaa8ab2e8815505a6145c745e50d8328cd28c" bot_update
got_v8_revision_cp "refs/heads/7.1.302@{#1}" bot_update
got_webrtc_revision "28d200c24624f0f2ce3013e33effc4ffc123cc2c" bot_update
got_webrtc_revision_cp "refs/heads/master@{#25136}" bot_update


  1. Yuki Yamada (yukiyohnoyoudont@google.com)
  2. Gauthier Ambard (gambardohnoyoudont@chromium.org)


Create Friday, 12-Oct-18 09:49:48 UTC
Start Friday, 12-Oct-18 09:49:49 UTC
End Friday, 12-Oct-18 10:06:37 UTC
Pending 1 secs
Execution 16 mins 48 secs

All Changes:

  1. Added security check for cross origin

    Changed by Yuki Yamada - yukiyohnoyoudont@google.com
    Changed at Friday, 12-Oct-18 09:45:43 UTC
    Repository https://chromium.googlesource.com/chromium/src
    Revision 1d2509fc2ebc7c9848726c1b208483e1e1efc485


    Added security check for cross origin
    This CL adds a security check for cross origin with
    |js_event|, a V8 wrapper object for event object, must be created in the
    relevant realm of the event target, but it is possible that listener's
    relevant context cannnot access the relevant realm of event target
    (ex. when Document.origin is changed).
    We have to check this before invoking event listener.
    Bug: 872138, 884516
    Change-Id: Ic5d0c8e6cda4db57a2097ce230e75cc59905b350
    Reviewed-on: https://chromium-review.googlesource.com/c/1270300
    Commit-Queue: Yuki Yamada <yukiy@google.com>
    Reviewed-by: Kentaro Hara <haraken@chromium.org>
    Reviewed-by: Hitoshi Yoshida <peria@chromium.org>
    Reviewed-by: Yuki Shiino <yukishiino@chromium.org>
    Cr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#599154}

    Changed files

    • third_party/blink/renderer/bindings/core/v8/js_based_event_listener.cc
  2. [iOS] Support Dynamic Type for ReadingList empty string

    Changed by Gauthier Ambard - gambardohnoyoudont@chromium.org
    Changed at Friday, 12-Oct-18 09:41:43 UTC
    Repository https://chromium.googlesource.com/chromium/src
    Revision fe100b299e7bc889ccafc03cf8854efe64020679


    [iOS] Support Dynamic Type for ReadingList empty string
    This CL changes the string displayed when the ReadingList is empty so
    it doesn't overflow below the bottom and top toolbar when the font is
    too big. It does that by limiting the font size.
    Bug: 893535
    Cq-Include-Trybots: luci.chromium.try:ios-simulator-cronet;luci.chromium.try:ios-simulator-full-configs
    Change-Id: I03335f2c1fee192a765b6e85011627c0f5ae2019
    Reviewed-on: https://chromium-review.googlesource.com/c/1276925
    Commit-Queue: Gauthier Ambard <gambard@chromium.org>
    Reviewed-by: Kurt Horimoto <kkhorimoto@chromium.org>
    Cr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#599153}

    Changed files

    • ios/chrome/browser/ui/reading_list/empty_reading_list_message_util.mm
    • ios/chrome/browser/ui/reading_list/reading_list_table_view_controller.mm