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Builder linux-gcc-rel Build 46601 Canonical Ubuntu



Trigger Info:

Got Revision0eaa27d31b4d727a10363cc2ef000b84438d9696


Steps and Logfiles:

  1. ( 318 ms ) setup_build
    running recipe: "chromium"
  2. ( 222 ms ) report builders
    running builder 'linux-gcc-rel' on master 'chromium.linux'
  3. ( 21 secs ) bot_update
    [63GB/295GB used (21%)]
  4. ( 579 ms ) swarming.py --version
  5. ( 10 secs ) gclient runhooks
  6. ( 597 ms ) read test spec (chromium.linux.json)
    path: /b/swarming/w/ir/cache/builder/src/testing/buildbot/chromium.linux.json
  7. ( 442 ms ) lookup GN args
    is_clang = false
    is_component_build = false
    is_debug = false
    strip_absolute_paths_from_debug_symbols = true
    symbol_level = 1
    target_cpu = "x86"
    use_cxx11 = true
    use_goma = true
    goma_dir = "/b/swarming/w/ir/cache/goma/client"
  8. ( 18 secs ) generate_build_files
  9. ( 3 secs ) compile

Build Properties:

$build/goma {"jobs": 500} setup_build
$recipe_engine/path {"cache_dir": "/b/swarming/w/ir/cache", "temp_dir": "/b/swarming/w/ir/tmp/rt"} setup_build
$recipe_engine/runtime {"is_experimental": false, "is_luci": true} setup_build
bot_id "swarm112-c4" setup_build
branch "refs/heads/master" setup_build
buildbucket {"build": {"bucket": "luci.chromium.ci", "created_by": "user:luci-scheduler@appspot.gserviceaccount.com", "created_ts": 1542169289751340, "id": "8929912010788030752", "project": "chromium", "tags": ["builder:linux-gcc-rel", "buildset:commit/git/0eaa27d31b4d727a10363cc2ef000b84438d9696", "buildset:commit/gitiles/chromium.googlesource.com/chromium/src/+/0eaa27d31b4d727a10363cc2ef000b84438d9696", "gitiles_ref:refs/heads/master", "scheduler_invocation_id:9095342073039573728", "scheduler_job_id:chromium/linux-gcc-rel", "user_agent:luci-scheduler"]}, "hostname": "cr-buildbucket.appspot.com"} setup_build
buildername "linux-gcc-rel" setup_build
buildnumber 46601 setup_build
mastername "chromium.linux" setup_build
path_config "generic" setup_build
recipe "chromium" setup_build
repository "https://chromium.googlesource.com/chromium/src.git" setup_build
revision "0eaa27d31b4d727a10363cc2ef000b84438d9696" setup_build
got_angle_revision "d1a55e393e65601ba26e2d76bd46a12fc6bc4e3e" bot_update
got_buildtools_revision "13a00f110ef910a25763346d6538b60f12845656" bot_update
got_dawn_revision "597e1587b4bfc7bf89895c7c879ae58b649da3c5" bot_update
got_nacl_revision "99673869a3cd8731d924bd32fa486feebfdc6c4f" bot_update
got_revision "0eaa27d31b4d727a10363cc2ef000b84438d9696" bot_update
got_revision_cp "refs/heads/master@{#607901}" bot_update
got_swarming_client_revision "f78187ab77127de42555afe0ad410bebde6ac6a5" bot_update
got_v8_revision "dd90e943fb1fb45baaafb93e5055f60d6c94348e" bot_update
got_v8_revision_cp "refs/heads/7.2.320@{#1}" bot_update
got_webrtc_revision "6dbf0e43a5ff4768fea849de829c84e5470d544b" bot_update
got_webrtc_revision_cp "refs/heads/master@{#25628}" bot_update


  1. Stephen Chenney (schenneyohnoyoudont@chromium.org)


Create Wednesday, 14-Nov-18 04:21:29 UTC
Start Wednesday, 14-Nov-18 04:21:30 UTC
End Wednesday, 14-Nov-18 04:22:58 UTC
Pending 988 ms
Execution 1 mins 27 secs

All Changes:

  1. Fix background image painting of very small images

    Changed by Stephen Chenney - schenneyohnoyoudont@chromium.org
    Changed at Wednesday, 14-Nov-18 04:19:30 UTC
    Repository https://chromium.googlesource.com/chromium/src
    Revision 0eaa27d31b4d727a10363cc2ef000b84438d9696


    Fix background image painting of very small images
    The background image fast path painting rounds the image src rect
    to integer sizes assuming sprite maps and/or reasonably large images.
    When a very small image is used scaled up to a large size (such as
    constant color images scaled up to form progress bars by animating
    background size) the src rect may be 1 x [small number] which gets
    rounded to zero size.
    This patch changes the code to detect this situation and not round
    in such cases.
    It's worth recording that an alternate approach is to detect when
    the rounding results in a significant change in src rect and always
    switch to unrounded in that case. But it would be more expensive for
    a relatively uncommon case.
    Change-Id: I24657a5d087c0dda0fd8a5e3c3d08e1e4eb02473
    Reviewed-on: https://chromium-review.googlesource.com/c/1334291
    Reviewed-by: Florin Malita <fmalita@chromium.org>
    Commit-Queue: Stephen Chenney <schenney@chromium.org>
    Cr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#607901}

    Changed files

    • third_party/WebKit/LayoutTests/external/wpt/css/css-backgrounds/background-size-one-value-1x1-image.html
    • third_party/WebKit/LayoutTests/external/wpt/css/css-backgrounds/reference/background-size-one-value-1x1-image-ref.html
    • third_party/blink/renderer/core/paint/box_painter_base.cc