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Builder WebKit Win10 Build #37790 Microsoft Windows


failed webkit_layout_tests on Windows-10-15063

Trigger Info:

Got Revisionda109c8fd1b66a54c514b3012c29ebb232c113e9


Steps and Logfiles:

  1. ( 23 mins 4 secs ) steps
    running steps via annotated script
  2. ( 12 secs ) update_scripts
  3. ( 4 ms ) LUCI Migration
    LUCI Migration
  4. ( 4 ms ) LogDog Bootstrap
    LogDog Bootstrap
  5. ( 5 ms ) setup_build
    running recipe: "chromium"
  6. ( 3 ms ) taskkill
  7. ( 3 ms ) makedirs checkout path
    makedirs checkout path
  8. ( 4 secs ) makedirs checkout path (2)
    makedirs checkout path (2)
  9. ( 1 ms ) remove .cipd
    remove .cipd
  10. ( 2 mins 11 secs ) bot_update
    [59GB/249GB used (23%)]
  11. ( 3 ms ) ensure_goma
  12. ( 4 ms ) ensure_goma.ensure_installed
  13. ( 3 ms ) swarming.py --version
    swarming.py --version
  14. ( 25 secs ) gclient runhooks
    gclient runhooks
  15. ( 4 ms ) get compile targets for scripts
    get compile targets for scripts
  16. ( 4 ms ) read test spec (chromium.webkit.json)
    read test spec (chromium.webkit.json)
    path: E:\b\c\b\win\src\testing\buildbot\chromium.webkit.json
  17. ( 3 ms ) build directory
    build directory
  18. ( 23 secs ) extract build
    extract build
  19. ( 5 ms ) find isolated tests
    find isolated tests
  20. ( 3 ms ) test_pre_run
  21. ( 5 secs ) test_pre_run.[trigger] webkit_layout_tests on Windows-10-15063
    test_pre_run.[trigger] webkit_layout_tests on Windows-10-15063
    Run on OS: 'Windows-10-15063'
  22. ( 16 mins 57 secs ) webkit_layout_tests on Windows-10-15063
    webkit_layout_tests on Windows-10-15063
    Run on OS: 'Windows-10-15063'
    Max shard duration: 0:11:17.470990 (shard #1)
    Min shard duration: 0:08:09.244310 (shard #2)
    Total tests: 79557
    * Passed: 66835 (66763 expected, 72 unexpected)
    * Skipped: 10350 (10350 expected, 0 unexpected)
    * Failed: 2309 (2308 expected, >>>1 unexpected<<<)
    * Flaky: 63 (63 expected, 0 unexpected)
    Unexpected Failures:
    * virtual/user-activation-v2/fast/dom/Window/window-focus-self.html
  23. ( 1 mins 11 secs ) Upload to test-results [webkit_layout_tests]
    Upload to test-results [webkit_layout_tests]
  24. ( 25 secs ) archive_webkit_tests_results
  25. ( 4 ms ) Tests statistics
    Tests statistics
    Total shards: 12
    Total runtime: 1:01:50.898000
  26. ( 3 ms ) process_dumps
  27. ( 4 ms ) Failure reason
    Failure reason

Build Properties:

$recipe_engine/runtime {"is_experimental":false,"is_luci":false} Annotation(LUCI Migration)
luci_migration {"status":"ok"} Annotation(LUCI Migration)
log_location "logdog://logs.chromium.org/chromium/bb/chromium.webkit/WebKit_Win10/37790/+/recipes/annotations" Annotation(LogDog Bootstrap)
logdog_prefix "bb/chromium.webkit/WebKit_Win10/37790" Annotation(LogDog Bootstrap)
logdog_project "chromium" Annotation(LogDog Bootstrap)
got_angle_revision "5598148b761380773c4e650b5b67f47553b0f090" Annotation(bot_update)
got_buildtools_revision "0dd5c6f980d22be96b728155249df2da355989d9" Annotation(bot_update)
got_nacl_revision "e6ce828ef60c4c1438867b535efbbb5d9a177c0e" Annotation(bot_update)
got_revision "da109c8fd1b66a54c514b3012c29ebb232c113e9" Annotation(bot_update)
got_revision_cp "refs/heads/master@{#574579}" Annotation(bot_update)
got_swarming_client_revision "9a518d097dca20b7b00ce3bdfc5d418ccc79893a" Annotation(bot_update)
got_v8_revision "8b17db68f75a95d69debfa85b70aea3ec0766aaf" Annotation(bot_update)
got_v8_revision_cp "refs/heads/6.9.352@{#1}" Annotation(bot_update)
got_webrtc_revision "58c79f66dd3afef0ec2d77053e44f26b998b84b1" Annotation(bot_update)
got_webrtc_revision_cp "refs/heads/master@{#23950}" Annotation(bot_update)
swarm_hashes {"webkit_layout_tests_exparchive":"65fd3b6fae7c891a9a5c2c35eb086447c7783d90"} Annotation(find isolated tests)
build_data_dir "E:\\b\\rr\\tmpuqqqnc" Annotation(steps)
build_id "buildbot/chromium.webkit/WebKit Win10/37790" Annotation(steps)
builder_id "master.chromium.webkit:WebKit Win10" Annotation(steps)
blamelist ["bratell@opera.com","danyao@chromium.org","slan@google.com","sujiezhu@google.com","xidachen@chromium.org"] Build
branch "master" Build
buildnumber 37790 Build
project "chromium" Build
repository "https://chromium.googlesource.com/chromium/src" Build
requestedAt 1531412372 Build
revision "da109c8fd1b66a54c514b3012c29ebb232c113e9" Build
slavename "vm51-m1" BuildSlave
buildername "WebKit Win10" Builder
git_revision "da109c8fd1b66a54c514b3012c29ebb232c113e9" Change
parent_buildername "WebKit Win Builder" ParentBuild
parent_buildnumber 155692 ParentBuild
parent_got_angle_revision "5598148b761380773c4e650b5b67f47553b0f090" ParentBuild
parent_got_buildtools_revision "0dd5c6f980d22be96b728155249df2da355989d9" ParentBuild
parent_got_nacl_revision "e6ce828ef60c4c1438867b535efbbb5d9a177c0e" ParentBuild
parent_got_revision "da109c8fd1b66a54c514b3012c29ebb232c113e9" ParentBuild
parent_got_revision_cp "refs/heads/master@{#574579}" ParentBuild
parent_got_swarming_client_revision "9a518d097dca20b7b00ce3bdfc5d418ccc79893a" ParentBuild
parent_got_v8_revision "8b17db68f75a95d69debfa85b70aea3ec0766aaf" ParentBuild
parent_got_v8_revision_cp "refs/heads/6.9.352@{#1}" ParentBuild
parent_got_webrtc_revision "58c79f66dd3afef0ec2d77053e44f26b998b84b1" ParentBuild
parent_got_webrtc_revision_cp "refs/heads/master@{#23950}" ParentBuild
parent_mastername "chromium.webkit" ParentBuild
buildbotURL "http://build.chromium.org/p/chromium.webkit/" master.cfg
mastername "chromium.webkit" master.cfg
workdir "E:\\b\\build\\slave/WebKit_Win10" slave


  1. (sujiezhuohnoyoudont@google.com)
  2. (slanohnoyoudont@google.com)
  3. (danyaoohnoyoudont@chromium.org)
  4. (bratellohnoyoudont@opera.com)
  5. (xidachenohnoyoudont@chromium.org)


Create N/A
Start Thursday, 12-Jul-18 16:35:49 UTC
End Thursday, 12-Jul-18 16:58:53 UTC
Pending N/A
Execution 23 mins 4 secs

All Changes:

  1. Change offering_upload_of_local_credit_card to an enum imported_credit_card_record_type

    Changed by sujiezhuohnoyoudont@google.com
    Changed at Thursday, 12-Jul-18 15:56:31 UTC
    Repository https://chromium.googlesource.com/chromium/src
    Revision cdb64db76a187df14e07aa31daccedb1813ffb8e


    Change offering_upload_of_local_credit_card to an enum imported_credit_card_record_type
    For the workflow of the local card migration, we need to know the type of the imported credit card to decide whether to prompt the migration to the user. The type of the imported credit card from the submitted form can be LOCAL_CARD, SERVER_CARD, NEW_CARD and NO_CARD. Currently we have the offering_upload_of_local_credit_card_ variable to denote the imported card is a local card. For the code simpilicity and reuse
    st for imported_credit_card_record_type to check correctness of the imported card type.
    The following CL will be solve the triggering logic with the imported_credit_card_record_type.
    Bug: 852904
    Change-Id: I01191cb8a9d0a3bf954874e6c8beb62d3b02c1ea
    Reviewed-on: https://chromium-review.googlesource.com/1134388
    Reviewed-by: Jared Saul <jsaul@google.com>
    Reviewed-by: Sebastien Seguin-Gagnon <sebsg@chromium.org>
    Commit-Queue: Sujie Zhu <sujiezhu@google.com>
    Cr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#574575}

    Changed files

    • components/autofill/core/browser/form_data_importer.cc
    • components/autofill/core/browser/form_data_importer.h
    • components/autofill/core/browser/form_data_importer_unittest.cc
  2. [Chromecast] Use MobileScoller on Cast Android builds.

    Changed by slanohnoyoudont@google.com
    Changed at Thursday, 12-Jul-18 16:00:44 UTC
    Repository https://chromium.googlesource.com/chromium/src
    Revision 2bef77d4afc3b73eb7fc96dff1908164994b4a82


    [Chromecast] Use MobileScoller on Cast Android builds.
    This class was renamed from Scroller here: crrev.com/c/1087641. Update the
    conditionals so that Scroller is only used on non-Android Cast builds,
    and MobileScroller is used on Android Cast builds.
    Bug: internal b/111287588
    Test: Compiles
    Change-Id: I19dc01e1339016e3db2ab3b7d81a95efc5c6a0f3
    Reviewed-on: https://chromium-review.googlesource.com/1133761
    Reviewed-by: Timothy Dresser <tdresser@chromium.org>
    Commit-Queue: Stephen Lanham <slan@chromium.org>
    Cr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#574576}

    Changed files

    • ui/events/gestures/blink/web_gesture_curve_impl.cc
  3. Revert "[Nav Experiment] Add a wait after restore session."

    Changed by danyaoohnoyoudont@chromium.org
    Changed at Thursday, 12-Jul-18 16:01:02 UTC
    Repository https://chromium.googlesource.com/chromium/src
    Revision 8e33b9da8d371a25857c422d277115441c629ce5


    Revert "[Nav Experiment] Add a wait after restore session."
    This reverts commit bcae87b0c7618e2fc61f78a073cf5589fe9679bd.
    Reason for revert: This didn't actually fix the problem and
    I didn't catch it due to a mistake in testing. The real
    problem is that the restore_session request started in 
    WKBasedNavigationManager::Restore() was not run, because
    |_containerView| is not yet initiated in the new CWVWebView.
    Original change's description:
    > [Nav Experiment] Add a wait after restore session.
    > Th
    Change-Id: Ia9d2d127e18264fbf69786c58b71706e0b34ead5
    No-Presubmit: true
    No-Tree-Checks: true
    No-Try: true
    Bug: 862714
    Cq-Include-Trybots: luci.chromium.try:ios-simulator-full-configs;master.tryserver.chromium.mac:ios-simulator-cronet
    Reviewed-on: https://chromium-review.googlesource.com/1135346
    Reviewed-by: Danyao Wang <danyao@chromium.org>
    Commit-Queue: Danyao Wang <danyao@chromium.org>
    Cr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#574577}

    Changed files

    • ios/web_view/test/web_view_restorable_state_inttest.mm
  4. [jumbo] Deduplicate a time constant in autofill code

    Changed by bratellohnoyoudont@opera.com
    Changed at Thursday, 12-Jul-18 16:01:51 UTC
    Repository https://chromium.googlesource.com/chromium/src
    Revision 5a742e15951f4e95d609b6628fc486a88b4fe0df


    [jumbo] Deduplicate a time constant in autofill code
    Two different bubbles needed the same time constant and when
    they got copies of the constant that broke certain jumbo
    builds. This merges the constants to a single constant.
    It also changes type to base::TimeDelta which is the actual
    type needed and since the addition of constexpr can be used
    in global constants.
    Bug: 852904,862397
    Change-Id: I52a63d3301efb1c7aec55541c15427c5d96ba524
    Reviewed-on: https://chromium-review.googlesource.com/1134998
    Commit-Queue: Daniel Bratell <bratell@opera.com>
    Commit-Queue: Mathieu Perreault <mathp@chromium.org>
    Reviewed-by: Mathieu Perreault <mathp@chromium.org>
    Cr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#574578}

    Changed files

    • chrome/browser/ui/autofill/local_card_migration_bubble_controller_impl.cc
    • chrome/browser/ui/autofill/popup_constants.h
    • chrome/browser/ui/autofill/save_card_bubble_controller_impl.cc
    • chrome/browser/ui/autofill/save_card_bubble_controller_impl_unittest.cc
  5. [Code health] Disable TouchActionBrowserTests on Debug and *San bots

    Changed by xidachenohnoyoudont@chromium.org
    Changed at Thursday, 12-Jul-18 16:02:09 UTC
    Repository https://chromium.googlesource.com/chromium/src
    Revision da109c8fd1b66a54c514b3012c29ebb232c113e9


    [Code health] Disable TouchActionBrowserTests on Debug and *San bots
    These tests are flaky on Debug builds and *San bots. These tests sends
    synthetic gesture event and measure scroll offset. It should be fine
    without coverages on Debug and *San builds.
    TBR=sahel@chromium.org, tdresser@chromium.org
    Bug: 855979, 833015
    Change-Id: I009d3557454e0aab960d35fc5256ed487c2e47fe
    Reviewed-on: https://chromium-review.googlesource.com/1135195
    Reviewed-by: Xida Chen <xidachen@chromium.org>
    Commit-Queue: Xida Chen <xidachen@chromium.org>
    Cr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#574579}

    Changed files

    • content/browser/renderer_host/input/touch_action_browsertest.cc